black-cauldronHundreds of years ago people use to hate and fear witches. Back then, people believed that witches were evil and would bring nothing but trouble and pain.

They would hunt them down and if they found one they would either burn them at the stake, drown them, or stone them to death!

black-cauldronMany women were accused of being witches and many were killed. People were fearful and superstitious of anyone who was deemed to be ‘different,’ or anti-Christian,’ or even if they had a knowledge of herbs. Sometimes people might accuse a woman of witchcraft for the simple reason they did not like her, or were jealous of her.


Nowadays, thanks to education, most of us know that we don’t have to be suspicious of black-cauldronpeople who are different! Thankfully, we no longer find it necessary to drown women in rivers to make them prove they are not a witch! Believe it or not, this was something they used to do to women suspected of witchcraft! The only thing those poor women could do to prove they were not a witch was die!


black-cauldronMost people these days no longer believe in witches or witchcraft, but not all! There are some those who really and truly believe in the power of witchcraft and some have spent a lot of time learning the ancient crafts.

Biddy, a mature woman from Ballyyahoo, is one of these. She spent years in her local library reading and studying witchcraft, as well as walking around the fields, forests and beaches of Ballyyahoo studying and observing nature. This is how Biddy, an ordinary woman, became a rather extraordinary witch!


She is not your conventional witch mind you. She goes Zumba dancing and enjoys the odd cauldronpacket of roasted peanuts on her way home. Her preferred mode of transport is not a broomstick but something much more modern, although she does own a broomstick but only because she has fun making them with branches and twigs she collects from the woods.


black-cauldronIn fact, Biddy the witch of Ballyyahoo, loves having fun. The only thing she loves more than having fun is casting spells. Biddy’s spells are as far from wicked as it is possible to get! The truth is, if it wasn’t for Biddy’s magic spells there would be trouble in Ballyyahoo!

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