Ballyyahoo is a tiny little town. It is as close to the very edge of the west coast of Ireland as you can imagine. It is so close that when there’s a storm, little bits of Ballyyahoo get washed away on the strong waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

drawing of a tiny town


black-cauldronBecause Ballyyahoo is a tiny town there is only one policeman. His name is Sergeant Sid and he’s far too busy doing nothing, to do anything much at all.

It’s a good job there isn’t much crime in Ballyyahoo, still, sometimes bad things do happen and when bad things happen the people of Ballyyahoo need some extra help. Luckily for them there is a very special woman living right there among them.

This woman not only has special powers but she uses them in a very special way; to helpblack-cauldron her friends and neighbours in the town of Ballyyahoo! The woman’s name is Biddy and she is also known as ‘The Witch of Ballyyahoo.’

Not that the people in Ballyyahoo call Biddy the Witch of Ballyyahoo. You see they don’t know about Biddy. Like all good witches, Biddy has chosen to keep her special work a secret so most Ballyyahooians don’t know she is a witch although some of them do suspect.


black-cauldronBiddy has got lots of magical powers and magic tools. For those certain times when a witch needs all the help she can get. Her favourite power is one of the rarest and most useful it’s called the art of Magical Time Suspension.




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