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The stories below were first broadcast as part of a popular children’s series on RTE Radio One, here in Ireland. They are now available as Amazon Kindle books.


‘Bonkers In Ballyyahoo’ is a hilarious story that introduces Gerry Mac and his cousin, Kevin. The two boys find life in their tiny town a bit too quiet. They want fun, craic and lots and lots of mischief!

When Kevin gets his hands on a computer he manages to create some very convincing posters and when he posts them around the town he creates chaos all around.


People in the tiny town of Ballyyahoo love making up stories. Gerry, who is well known for being a lazy eejit, loves the story of the Witch of Ballyyahoo. But is this a true story? Or, is it just another rumour? Gerry and his cousin, Kevin find a magic stone and soon Gerry learns through the stone that there might be a murder in Ballyyahoo. It’s up to him to stop it happening but who will believe Gerry the eejit.

Now, he really desperately needs to find out if there’s really any truth in the story of The Witch Of Ballyyahoo?


‘Free As A Ladybird’ is about Natasha, a young girl who is torn between her granny and her Mother. They are fighting because Granny wants to do her own thing and have fun. Natasha’s mother wants granny to stay home and act like a proper granny and do some knitting!

But granny’s not the knitting type and after a terrible row, she runs away to join a band and have fun making music!

It isn’t easy for kids when they’re stuck in between two adults fighting, especially when both sides might just be right and might just be wrong.


In ‘The Tree Hugger,’ Debbie wants to keep in with the cool crowd in school. But she has to face a very difficult decision. A new girl, Shalmalah, comes to school. Shalmalah doesn’t care about fashion, or wearing the right clothes, or even being cool! Shalmalah wants to do her own thing and be herself. Soon the cool girls start bullying her.

Debbie doesn’t like the bullying but she knows that if she sticks up for Shalmalah, she will get bullied too.

Should Debbie leave Shalmalah to the mercy of cool-school bullies, or should she do something? 


‘Football Crazy’ is a funny story tinged with sadness about football fanatic, Jimmy, whose football loving family stop playing football and going to matches when something terrible happens to Grandad. It’s up to Jimmy to get the family back in the game again.


‘Football Mad’ is about Shane, who lives for football and desperately wants to get a place on the football team. However, his coach thinks a one-legged-nun would make a better footballer than him, so Shane needs his parents help but they just want to read books, so Shane is forced to take desperate measures. Will Shane Cooney be the next Wayne Rooney?


This is a funny Christmas story, best enjoyed with a mince pie and a steaming mug of hot chocolate to help get your family into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas in Ballyyahoo was going to be the best one ever, that is, until Santa and Rudolph turned up on Christmas Eve. Santa and Rudolph were not all they appeared to be, and they had no intention of wishing anyone a happy Christmas, especially not anyone from Ballyyahoo. The only thing they want to wrap up for Christmas is Kevin and Gerry. There’s only one person can help them and that’s the wonderful Witch of Ballyyahoo.

All these kindle books are available at affordable prices. They are written in a style that makes them easy to read aloud as well as fun for the whole family.

Enjoy your reading.






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