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The real Halloween is a ghostly, Halloween story for kids, set in the tiny

town of Ballyyahoo in Ireland.

Sean thinks he’s not afraid of anything, not even ghosts, or ghouls at Halloween! In fact Sean loves ghost stories and horror stories so much that the reads them by torch-light in bed.

Then one Halloween night his mother catches him and takes away his favourite horror story book. Sean runs away to his Grandad’s house. He’s not afraid, even though it’s dark, and even though there is’t a single street lights in the tiny town of Ballyyahoo.

But then Sean’s Grandad tells him a story he’s never heard before, the story of the real Halloween, a true story, and the scariest story Sean has ever heard and what’s more Sean’s Grandad swears the story is true!


The Witch Of Ballyyahoo is a funny story about two bored boys, one bored policeman, one bored donkey, one dangerous mad-man and one very busy witch.

Since there’s not a lot else to do, most Ballyyahooians love to make up stories. That means there are always lot of juicy rumours and scandals going around. But when Gerry hears the rumour of the Witch of Ballyyahoo, he starts to wonder. Could it really be just a rumour? Or could the rumour be true?

Most Ballyyahooinans say that you shouldn’t spoil a good rumour with the truth, but Gerry begins to see some strange goings on in the quiet lanes of Ballyyahoo, and soon he learns that a crime is going to happen.

It is not the type of crime that usually happens in Ballyyahoo – nothing to do with donkeys, lights, or hazelnuts. No, it’s a terrifying crime that starts with a big knife, a big burglar, and that might just end in murder. Gerry desperately tries to stop this crime from happening, but he realizes he’s all alone. If anyone ever needed a witch in Ballyyahoo, it was now. But is there really any truth in the rumour of The Witch Of Ballyyahoo?


Especially for kids everywhere who are bored being bored.

Gerry Mac lives in the tiny village of Ballyyahoo in the west of Ireland. He’s very lucky that he loves swinging on a gate because he can’t find anything else to do. He is so bored; he’s bored with being bored.

Gerry Mac doesn’t like it when grown ups get ideas because they usually involve him getting off the gate and doing some work, so when his mother gets the idea to make him do a hard day’s digging in old Paddy Plant’s garden it’s no wonder Gerry wants to run away.


Take one computer, add one bored boy and you’ve got mischief, chaos and lots of fun in the tiny town of Ballyyahoo


‘Bonkers In Ballyyahoo’ is a fun story that introduces Gerry Mac and his cousin, Kevin, two boys who live in the tiny Irish town of Ballyyahoo.

Ballyyahoo is a great place to live, but some kids like Gerry and Kevin, get bored with dangerous donkeys, mad cows and secret beaches and they look for more mischievous things to do.

When Kevin gets a computer he is supposed to be learning how to improve his school work but Kevin’s more interested in learning how to create chaos and before long he’s spreading madness and mayhem around the town and everyone’s gone bonkers in Ballyyahoo.





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