4. The Raggy Rabbit

kids-readingIf you like rabbits you’re sure to like this one. He’s called the Raggy rabbit and if you look at him you can see why! His hair is so long and scruffy that he looks like a bundle of rags.long-haired-rabbit

He’s not my rabbit, I’m just minding him for his owner, Miss Parrot, who lives across the hill. Since it’s Easter I thought you might like to see him. He’s not exactly an Easter Bunny but he’s the only one I could find. I did see a few crabs down at the beach today but they didn’t seem Easterish enough to put on my Easter blog.



Miss Parrot asked me to feed the Raggy rabbit for a couple of days when she went over to Ennis to visit the other-Miss-Parrot who’s in hospital having a bit of rusty gate taken out of her foot.

She stepped on it when she was chasing a fox down the boreen in her bare feet because the fox had run away with her shoes. Though why a fox would want to run away with her shoes I don’t know.

Miss Parrot said it was the second pair of shoes that the cheeky fox had stolen from her in the last month. Anyway, she didn’t catch the fox but on her way back home she walked on the bit of rusty gate and a few days later her foot turned green!


I fed the Raggy rabbit like Miss Parrot said, so I’m hoping she’ll be pleased when she gets back, though I’m not getting my hopes up. The last time she asked me to feed the Raggy rabbit she promised me a handful of euros as a reward but she didn’t give me a handful of euros at all and when I reminded her she said I was nothing but a cheeky pup and if I didn’t watch my mouth she’d be dug out the other side of me with a coal shovel and a yard-brush! Talk about me being cheeky?


I told my mum and you’d think she would have been straight on to the Don’t-Be-Horrible-To-Children-Society, but she just said it served me right for asking and that I shouldn’t expect to get presents every time I do someone a favour.

She said in her day kids had to shovel manure, plough the fields, dig potatoes and make black-pudding out of pigs-blood and guts, as well as going to school and that if they’d moaned about it they would have had to chop logs for the fire too!

Granny said my mum was talking from where she should be sitting and that my mum never did any of those things.  It was her that did all those things all while being chased round Ballyyahoo by witches!


Still Granny agreed with my mum about one thing. She said that it’s the duty of all the kids in Ballyyahoo to do jobs for old people and if we didn’t like it we could just lump it, or go and live in Ballyuseless! Nobody wants to live in Ballyyuseless!

I’m not going to let Miss Parrot and the Raggy rabbit bother me because after all it’s Easter time and Easter time at Ballyyahoo is the best.  The daffodils are out. The lambs are out. Everybody’s out walking and everybody’s in a happy mood.



Adults like Easter because they get time off work to do all the stuff they like doing when they’re not in work.

Kids in Ballyyahoo love Easter because we get time off school. We get lots of days to run around the fields, go beach-combing for shells and stones, go on running races across the fields, swimming in the ocean, climbing trees, making hideaways in the woods, visiting our animal friends and having lots and lots of craic.

Then when we’re finished having a great time and haven’t done anything we shouldn’t have done, we might even get an Easter egg as well. Now what could be wrong with any of that?

Happy Easter everyone!

Back soon



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