2. Daffo The Donkey

donkeys-headEvery time I go down to the bay in Ballyyahoo I have to pass by Daffo’s field. Daffo is the name I’ve given to the donkey that lives there – you’ll see why when you get to know her. If my mother’s got any carrots or apples I bring a few in my pockets to feed to Daffo. She usually stands at the back of the field like as if she’s hiding in the hedgerow but if she sees me coming she’ll move forward a bit to see if I’ve got any munchies with me.


I don’t know if her eyesight is fantastic or if she can smell the difference between an apple and a carrot from the back of the field but either way she knows which one she likes the best because if I hold up a carrot she’ll take her time trotting towards me but if I bring apples she’ll charge towards me like a bull to get them.

The other day I gave her three apples.  She munched away on two of them but when she rushed to get the third one between her teeth she knocked it and it dropped down between the stones on the wall where she couldn’t get it with her teeth.

Daffo wasn’t going to let a stone wall get in her way. She was so determined to find that apple she started knocking the wall down with her big donkey nose! Luckily I jumped back in time – the stones just missed my feet by inches!


Here’s a little video of Daffo knocking the wall down. Keep watching and see what she does with her ears at the end.

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Love Lucy

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