Free Stories – Ballyyahoo Series 1


Welcome to Cool Kids Stories. If you are looking for stories that are set in Ireland, then you have come to the right place. There are lots of stories on this site and they are all set in a tiny but magical little town on the west coast of Ireland called Ballyyahoo.

As a writer I believe we should encourage kids to read and to love the beauty of nature. These stories were specially written to do both and I have made the series of stories available to you and your children free of charge.


As well as the free stories on this site there are also some you can buy. These stories feature different characters and are complete short stories in themselves. If you like the Ballyyahoo series you will like these stories also. Purchasing those will help support the free stories on the site and I have kept the price as low as possible. I hope you will enjoy them all. If you don’t want to buy any of the stories but are enjoying the free ones all I ask is that you like or share the pages so that others can enjoy them too!


All the stories are narrated by a young girl called Lucy, who is also known as the blogger of Ballyyahoo. Lucy writes about her life in the tiny but magical town of Ballyyahoo. There’s lots of fun stuff to do in Ballyyahoo, it has the greenest woodlands, a misty and mystical bog, secret beaches, beautiful bays, rocky meadows and lots of animals too.


Lucy will be writing about her adventures in all these places and she will taking you to meet lots of animals too, but that’s not all because there’s something really exciting happening right now and very soon you can read all about Lucy and her hunt for the witch of Ballyyahoo!


Because Ballyyahoo is such a special place, you have probably never come across a town quite like it. In fact, hardly anybody even knows where it is. There used to be a signpost but it mysteriously disappeared.  So, now, unless you live there you can never find Ballyyahoo. Nobody who lives there will ever tell you where it is and it’s not on any map either. You see that’s how Ballyyahoo came to be known as Ireland’s best-kept secret.

Luckily you can read about it here, so before you start reading Lucy’s stories it would be a very good idea to learn a little bit more about Ballyyahoo!



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