8. Watching Me


Do you remember how in my last story, shadowing Biddy  (7)  I was telling you that I had a feeling of being watched as I was following Biddy?

If you have just come to visit me here for the very first time it would be much more fun if you went to the start of the story and start reading from there.

Now, if you have been following this you might have thought that maybe I was being watched by witches and banshees but it turns out I wasn’t. Actually, I should say I was being watched, but just not by witches and banshees.


In the meantime, you should know that at this time of year in Ballyyahoo, the farm down our lane gets really busy. The tractor starts going back and forth, bringing big black bales of silage to the fields and lots of calves get born.

Silage Bales

Usually cows in Ballyyahoo graze in the fields but if spring comes late like it did last year, then there can be a shortage of grass in the fields.

Cows need to keep eating, just like us, so the farmers bring in these silage bales. These are full of hay and the plastic wrapper helps the farmer to keep it stored for when they need it.

You can always smell silage before you see it because the smell is very strong and it carries on the wind! Some people don’t like the smell. I wouldn’t like to see the cows starving so I don’t mind.

Anyway back to the story, if you haven’t guessed by now, it turned out it was this little group of calves that were watching me. Calves in Ballyyahoo are very curious and very shy so they are very lucky that there are a lot of stone walls around that let them hide and peep over the top at the same time.


I would have loved to have climbed the wall, got into the field and petted them but their mothers don’t like you coming too close. They go mad and when a mother gets mad they make a lot of noise and they… well you don’t want to be there.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if cows could talk? I mean they stand around all day watching and peeping over walls. They must see and hear everything that goes on in Ballyyahoo. If there was a witch in Ballyyahoo then surely the cows would be the first to know.

Back soon with more news about the Witch of Ballyyahoo!





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