11. The Suspects

kids-readingHi I’m Lucy. If this is your first time reading my blog you might like to start reading at the beginning.

If you read what happened last week you’ll know that the Raggy Rabbit has gone missing and that I was frantically trying to find her. Maggie-many-cats said Biddy had taken her to make into a stew and that really upset me!

The only thing I could do was keep on searching and carry out an investigation, a proper investigation.


You see I want to be a detective when I grow up and I’m not going to be an ordinary, boring detective like the ones on the telly. All they do is run round asking eejity questions and arresting the wrong people.  They never even notice that the nice kind woman who does the flower arranging in the church is really a horrible psycho-killer who has been going round murdering half the village and burying them in her flowerpots.



No,  I’m going to be a magic detective and I’m hoping Biddy will turn out to be a good witch and help me out with some magic!


I hope she’s not an evil witch, who wants to scare the living daylights out of people, give them millions of years of bad luck, turn the milk sour, chop people into little stew-sized pieces, mix them with slugs, nettles and lizards tails and turn them into evil potions!


For now, I haven’t got any magic or proof, so if I am going to find the Raggy Rabbit  I will have to carry out a careful investigation – just like a real detective. Mind you, a real detective would have a great big white board and a whole team of junior detectives.


A real detective would put a list of suspects on the board and point to it with a long cane. Every now and again the real detective would get annoyed because two of the junior detectives would act the maggot and the real detective would have to slam something down, or throw the cane at them. One of the junior detectives would always be late – always, always – a bit like school really.

Anyway, I didn’t have a team, or a cane, or a board so I just had to use my notebook to write my list. It wasn’t a very long list but that didn’t matter – as long as I could point to something with a pencil it would do. So, first of all I made a list of suspects.





Last week I saw a fox around the area. The fox in question had cubs. I didn’t get close because a fox is a fox and when a fox has cubs they don’t hang around to answer questions and this one was staying as far away as she could. That’s why I decided to call her the Far-Away Fox.

Still, I was pretty sure that the fox hadn’t taken the Raggy rabbit because Miss Parrot had said Raggy’s area was fox proofed by old Paddy Plant. Still, a good detective chases every lead, leaves no stone unturned, assumes everybody is a gob-daw – except them, and always double checks – twice!

So I returned to the scene the next morning and carried out another inspection. I brought a magnifying glass and another list, I investigated very carefully and I carried out a thorough search. I looked for:

▪   Holes in fence

▪   Holes in the ground.

▪   Signs of burrowing or digging.

▪   Torn or cut wire.

▪   Bits of rabbit fluff strewn around the area.

▪   Blood.

▪   Guts.

▪   Gory or slimy stuff that I don’t know the name of.

I worked really hard on this but I found nothing! Not one little bit of evidence to prove that a Fox took the Raggy Rabbit.


Last week I saw a few small rabbits in the fields near the Miss Parrot’s house. They were a different sort of rabbit than Raggy because they were wild, but a real detective wouldn’t rule them out. I still had a small suspicion that maybe the Raggy Rabbit ran away to join them. So I carried out a thorough search of anywhere that looked like a rabbit’s hideaway.

rocky hiding place

I thought this rock above looked like a very good hiding place but there was nothing hiding in there. At least not when I looked!


Maggie-many-cats suspects Biddy of taking Raggy to make into a witch’s brew, but there isn’t any evidence. Okay I know that Biddy did buy minced hearts in the shop but people eat different types of food so we can’t judge people by what they eat.

Still, Raggy is still missing! Poor Miss Parrot and the other Miss Parrot would be so upset. I’m upset too but I know crying won’t bring back Raggy, so I have made up my mind to work really hard to try and find him.

So, I went around to Biddy’s house and sniffed the air outside for suspicious smells of rabbit stew.

I followed her every time I got the chance and looked for signs of her gathering slugs, snails, nettles, lizards, or any other objects that could be made into a witch’s brew or stew.

I also carried out extensive research in the mobile library to see if witches were known to kidnap rabbits. At least I did until Mister Bukend threw me out so he could go home because Mrs. Bukend was making chips and egg for his tea and he wasn’t going to let his favourite meal be spoiled because some eejity kid had witches on the brain.


I also attempted to find out from Maggie-Many-Cats if she had any proof of Biddy being a witch apart from her taking a boyfriend off her in the old days! But I didn’t find any evidence of Raggy ending up in a witch’s brew, or stew.

If Maggie-Many-Cats had any proof of Biddy being a witch she wouldn’t tell me because according to her she was too busy trying to persuade Miranda, her white cat, to come out of the window. She wanted to clean it and she said she wasn’t in the mood for talking to eejity young-ones at that time of day.

white cat


I have to admit I ran out of things to investigate. I was beginning to think I’d never get to the bottom of the mystery.  Then something really, really strange happened. It happened the next day.  I was searching for Raggy down in the fields near Miss Parrot’s house.  I didn’t see anything apart from a few new cowslips.


But then I got that uggy feeling again and I heard something. I couldn’t make out what it was because it wasn’t a loud sound, but a sound so quiet and low I thought it was a whisper. A witch’s whisper. An evil witch’s whisper. I looked across the field to see where the whisper came from and that’s when I saw…

Come back next week and tell you what I saw. But be warned – there might not be blood, and there might not be guts, but it’s definitely going to be scary…

Bye for now

Love Lucy



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