7. Shadowing Biddy



If you read my last story, Biddy the witch  (6) you will know all about my plan to follow Biddy to see if she’s a witch.


What I’ve got to do is hammer a nail into her shadow and see if she starts limping. That’s how you prove someone is a witch. It’s a brilliant idea because shadows are there whether you like it or not. Have you ever tried hiding your own shadow?

I was worried that Biddy would catch me following her but I was able to follow her loads of times without her even noticing.



She doesn’t walk very fast so I was able to stroll along behind her casually. Any time she turned round I picked a few blackberries and ate them so she would think that was all I was doing. The blackberries were lovely by the way.

Do you know what? It’s brilliant fun following someone. It’s like being on your own secret mission. When I grow up I am going to be a private detective. Not an ordinary private detective but a special one with magic spells.


Biddy didn’t go very far. I was dead lucky she didn’t get the bus because I wouldn’t have had the bus fare to follow her. I’d spent all my pocket money and my savings on a book called ‘Private Detectiving For Complete Eejits.

One day Biddy went to the mobile library and got a book out called ‘Walk And Get Really Skinny.’ She went for lots of walks around the lanes. Mostly she followed this trail  here.


I don’t know why, but she was looking down as she walked. Maybe she was searching for  lizard or shrews.

Sometimes when I was following Biddy I had the feeling I was being watched by someone or some-thing…  and I don’t mean this donkey!


One night Biddy went to Zumba in the church hall and after that she went to the pub but I couldn’t follow her in there. She came out two minutes later with a large bag of roasted nuts in her hand and she ate every single one of them on her way home.


I was behind her in Kelly’s shop yesterday. She had a long list. She didn’t get everything she wanted because they didn’t have any ackywackydacky beans – in fact Seanie Kelly said they’d never heard of such a bean in Ballyyahoo. This is what Biddy bought in the end.


▪   1 loaf of batch bread.

▪   2 litres of low fat milk.

▪   1 tub of low fat spread.

▪   1  pot of Rhubarb jam.

▪   2 tins of sardines in tomato sauce.

▪   2  tins of baked beans in tomato sauce.

▪   7 family size ‘Scoff’ bars.

▪   1 large packet of minced hearts.

Minced hearts!!!!! Now that’s suspicious. What would anyone want with minced hearts?  Unless they were going to make a witches stew?  I couldn’t wait to get home and put that in my evidence book.

Anyway, that’s all the evidence I’ve got so far. I didn’t manage to hammer a nail into her shadow yet because she wouldn’t keep still long enough for me to do it and she kept turning round and nearly catching me, but I did manage to get this picture when she wasn’t looking – does she look like a witch to you?

shadow of a witch

Back soon.




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