13. Lucy’s Confession


Hi I’m Lucy and this is my blog. If this is your very first time here the best thing to do would be to start reading from the beginning.

If you read last weeks story, you will already know that I bumped into Biddy at Kelly’s shop and she said this: ‘What in the name of the Banshee from Ballyyahoo Bog are you following me for, Lucy?’


If it wasn’t freaky enough bumping into Biddy like that, it was even more freaky that she mentioned the Banshee of Ballyyahoo bog out loud! black cloudsNobody in Ballyyahoo would ever mention the Banshee of Ballyyahoo bog out loud. Nobody! The story goes that the Banshee of Ballyyahoo Bog doesn’t like anyone talking about her or even mentioning her name.  If she hears anyone doing it, she casts her bloodshot eyes upwards, turns the sky the colour of the darkest bog oak and sets the clouds on fire, or at least that’s what Maggie-many-cats says. My mum says that’s load of old horse-manure and that Maggie needs to find something better to than gossiping and making up scary stories. I hope she doesn’t because I really like scary stories!


Biddy mustn’t believe the story or else why would she have dared to mention the Banshee? She didn’t whisper it either, she said it out in a loud voice.

I was so shocked I couldn’t answer her for ages, at least not until she threatened to yank me home to my mum by the ear if I didn’t answer her by the time she counted to ten. She began to count but only got as far as two before I confessed and told her that I had been following her because I was carrying out an investigation. ‘What investigation?’ She asked.


I wasn’t going to tell her, but her eyes looked straight into mine and it felt like she could see right through me, past the fields behind me, around the rivers, across the sea and straight through the mountains of county Clare.

So I told her I was trying to find out if there were any witches in Ballyyahoo.

‘What put that idea into your head?’ she asked.

‘I overheard a mad one saying it,’ I answered.

‘A mad one? Sure Ballyyahoo’s full of mad ones! Mind you I can guess which mad one told you that.’ Then she laughed. Not a mad witch’s cackle but a crinkly little laugh.

I kept my mouth shut. I know enough about mad ones not to tell on them and if Biddy knew it was Maggie-many-cats that told me about her being a witch, there’d be a feud going on for years and my mother would throw me in Ballyyahoo bog, banshee or not! Would you like to get thrown in this scary place?

misty bog

Biddy looked deep into my eyes again and said, ‘I want you to answer this question and I will know if you lie, so be honest. Do you really think I’m a witch?’

Bye for now. Come back again and find out what I said!



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