9. Guard me from Evil

kids-readingHi there. I’m Lucy. If you’ve been reading my stories so far, you’ll know that I live in a little village called Ballyyahoo, and that I’ve been following a woman called Biddy who just might be a witch.

Actually, if you’ve been reading this so far you’ll know that there’s a lot more to my stories than that. For a start all my stories are real. So if this is your first time here you should start from the beginning.

Now, where was I? Right, I was talking about following Biddy-The-Maybe-Witch. I have to say ‘maybe’ because saying someone is a witch is one thing – proving they are a witch is another.


To prove somebody is a witch all you have to do is to hammer a nail into the shadow of their foot. If she limps after that – she’s a witch.

I hope Biddy is a witch because if so she might just give me a magic spell to help me find a ring I lost. If she isn’t a witch and I ask her if she is, then she might be very, very angry with me.  So I have to investigate first.

Hammering a nail into someone’s shadow is much harder than you might think. First of all, I can’t be seen doing it because if Biddy is a witch she might put a bad spell on me. Secondly, shadows keep moving. Biddy does a lot of walking but every single time she stops and I sneak up with the hammer and nail at the ready – she starts moving again.  It’s weird the way it keeps happening. It’s like as if she’s got a rear view mirror on her shoulder.


Another thing that’s weird is that I keep getting the feeling someone or something, is watching me. You know those holy pictures old people have all over their houses? The ones that have scary eyes that follow you no matter where you go in the room – well it felt like that. I call that the ‘uggy’ feeling.

I had followed Biddy down to the Halfamoon beach. It was a lovely calm day and the sea was quiet. In other words it was great day for following someone especially to a beach!

yellow sun and beach

I noticed that Biddy kept stopping to pick up stones and put them in her pocket. I heard that witches make holes in stones… There must be a lot of witches around Ballyyahoo because there are stones with holes in everywhere! I’ve got loads. Here’s a few:


Anyway, I got this strong ‘uggy’ feeling and then suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew across the beach and lifted the biggest, blackest feather you’ve ever seen and sent it curling backwards and forwards across the stones until it landed at my feet. The feather stopped moving there and stayed completely still  – even though the wind was still strong. It was as if the wind wanted me to have the feather!

I can’t say the hairs on the back of my neck stood up  – that must only happen in made-up stories and this story is real! But I did feel dizzy, not dizzy like when you’ve overdone it on the trampoline but dizzy like when you feel ill. I had to sit down. The only place to sit was on a pile of seaweed.  I had no choice but at least it wasn’t too wet.


By the time I stopped feeling dizzy, Biddy was gone. All that was left was the long black feather but only for a second though because another strong gust of wind came and lifted the feather again. This time it blew across the ocean and I watched it spin and skim the water and then get smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

Although… I’m not sure it really disappeared – it could have transformed itself into a huge black Raven and it could have soared upwards towards a witches den in the sky, or it may have disappeared at exactly the same time as a Cormorant flew out of the water.


I was a tiny bit scared and I wondered what it all meant. When I got home I looked it up and I learned that finding a black feather means that the guardian of your soul is nearby. I started to wonder  – why does the guardian of your soul suddenly appear on a perfectly nice little bay in Ballyyahoo? Was my soul in danger? From what? Evil? Is there such a thing as Evil? An Evil Witch? Now I was more than a tiny bit scared, a lot more, so I did what I do when I am scared – I pretend I’m not scared and go quiet.


I must have been a bit too quiet because my mum kept looking at me and asking me what was wrong. I kept saying nothing, but she put me under interrogation. My mum is an expert in asking difficult questions and reading my mind. I gave in after only two minutes questioning and ended up telling her all about the feather.

Of course she thought that was the biggest pile of manure she’d ever heard since old Paddy Plant’s septic tank exploded. She also said that black feathers came from black birds, not soul guardians and had I not noticed how many black crows and other black birds were around – lots and lots, which is normal for the time of year.



I asked her about the freaky wind and she told me to stop being such an eejit! We live in Galway and freaky wind is the only kind we’ve got. She also told me to ‘keep it real’ again. Keeping it real is boring. I know what I saw and I know what I felt and I think it was Biddy that made the feather move like that. If she was able to do that then she must definitely, positively be a witch!

Anyway, I have to go now as my mother’s been calling me to come and get my dinner for ages. She’s just threatened to put the computer in a slurry pit if I don’t get there in two seconds so I’d better move but I will be back soon and I have a strong feeling I will have some really exciting news!

Bye for now.



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