10. Fox Proof

kids-readingSomething terrible has happened since the last time I wrote here. Do you remember the Raggy Rabbit? I looked after him last Easter when Miss Parrot was away.



Well, I’ve been looking after the Raggy Rabbit again. Miss Parrot has been away visiting her mad cousin, Norbert, who lives in a tree house in his back garden because he doesn’t like housework and he wants to keep his house clean.

The first day was grand, not a bother. I went through the fields and picked some grass and a few dandelions for his dinner. When I was picking I saw a few of the Raggy Rabbit’s country cousins, they’re different than Raggy and nowhere near as fluffy.


I brought Raggy his dinner and he scoffed it up and made little rabbit munchy noises as he was eating. Then I let him out into the garden and he ran around for a bit. He looked sad when I put him back in again. I suppose he missed the two Miss Parrots.


I went back to feed Raggy yesterday. I’d found some huge dandelions with massive yellow flowers. I couldn’t wait to give them to Raggy but when I got there I couldn’t see him.

First of all I thought he was hiding in the back of the hutch. I put my hand in and rooted around in straw but he wasn’t there. I searched all around the run and even all around the garden but Raggy was gone.

I decided to go and look in the fields around Miss Parrot’s house but there was no sign of him. By the time I’d finished searching it was getting late and I knew my mother would be worried. I had to run all the way home.

When I told my mum she was worried as well and after tea she came back to Miss Parrots with me. We searched everywhere we could think of. But we had no luck, the Raggy Rabbit was just nowhere to be seen.


Just as we were leaving I got that uggy feeling of being watched. I felt sure there was someone or something behind us. I turned round and there it was on the other side of the field: A fox!


No sooner had I got this picture when the fox started running, I was lucky because I had never managed to get a picture of a fox running before because foxes move quickly. But something was slowing this fox down!


If you look closely you’ll see she wasn’t alone. There was a little creature running behind her. The fox had a cub! She must have been out hunting for food to feed it with.

At first we thought the fox must have taken Raggy because they do take small animals, even rabbits sometimes, especially if they are hungry, and especially if they have cubs to feed. Everyone in Ballyyahoo knows that. My mum said nature has its own set of rules, no matter whether we humans like it or not.


But when we looked around we began to think it wasn’t a fox that got the Raggy Rabbit. You see there would have been signs, blood, guts and fluff, nasty stuff like that. But there wasn’t and there wasn’t a mark or scratch in or around the run or the hutch.

Miss Parrot had told me she never worried about a fox getting near Raggy because it was old Paddy Plant that made the rabbit hutch for her.

Ever since the time he came home and found every one of his eight chickens had been taken by the fox, Paddy made sure everything he made was absolutely and completely fox proof. Plus, there was no sign of forced entry and no scratch marks or holes in the ground so we were pretty sure that the fox hadn’t burrowed its way in.

So if a fox didn’t get the Raggy Rabbit what could have happened to him? I wondered if he had seen his country cousins running free and ran away to join them. But I don’t think so because there was no sign of a break out either.

So, if it wasn’t a break out and it wasn’t a break in, what could it have been?

On the way home we met Maggie-many-cats came along. She wanted to know what was wrong and my mum told her about Raggy going missing. Maggie said it must have been Biddy. She said Biddy was a witch and that she took Raggy to make a stew – a witch’s stew! She said if we went and peeped in Biddy’s kitchen window we’d see Raggy’s ears sticking out of a pot on Biddy’s cooker!

My mum said that was a load of complete and utter horse-manure and asked Maggie had she nothing better to do than gossiping about our neighbours and frightening youngsters? Maggie put her nose in the air and said some people couldn’t take a fair warning and that my mum should wake up and smell the rabbit in the witch’s brew.

That was when I started to cry. I couldn’t bear the thought of Raggy being boiled in a stew. He wasn’t an eating rabbit, he was a pet rabbit! I knew Miss Parrot was going to be really upset as well. The more I thought about how upset she was going to be, the more upset I got.


Poor Miss Parrot is going to be really lonely as well, especially with the other Miss Parrot being away. Her foot is still sore after getting that bit of rusty gate removed in the hospital.

I am going to keep searching for Raggy every chance I get. Maybe I’ll find him before Miss Parrot comes back. I really, really, really, really, hope that poor little Raggy Rabbit didn’t end up in a witch’s stew.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and with a bit of luck he’ll be back. If not, then there’s going to be trouble in Ballyyahoo. Big trouble.

I’ll be back as soon as I can and tell you what happened!



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