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childrens lettersCHILDREN’S LETTERS 

Children’s letters are a real bonus to a writer. You see, writing stories is something you usually do when you are alone. It can be hard to write in a room full of people, especially noisy ones who want to talk to you, so most writers prefer to be on their own to write.

Children who want to be writers when they grow up needn’t worry though, because when you are writing you don’t feel as though you are own.

In fact, you never feel lonely when you are writing. You have all the people you create with you when you write, and you can create as many people as you want.

Your creations don’t have to be people either! They can be animals, aliens, or even a few monsters and ghosts, if you like. You can make them as scary as you want as well. The great thing about that is, that you won’t be scared yourself, because you’ll know they’re only made up – by you.The most important thing is that you write a story that you enjoy writing.

Writing stories at home is not like writing in school because there is no teacher around. You can write whatever you want and you can write whenever you have free time to do it. That’s one of the reasons I loved writing when I was little. One of the other reasons was that I really love making things up and I still do now.

Another one of the things I love about writing is getting letters from children who have read my stories, especially if they liked them.

Recently, I have been really lucky because some young readers have written me letters after they read my new stories. I have so enjoyed reading these letters that I decided to publish them here.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get lots more letters.



childrens letters. Image of kids





Football Crazy is about a young boy who is literally football crazy and so is his whole family. They do lots of football things together like playing football, watching football, going to football matches and if they’ve had a really good week they even have football cake.

They are all crazy about their Grandad as well. He’s as football crazy as they are and they all love him to bits. He’s a funny Grandad and he’s got a great big grin, lovely bushy eyebrows and floppy ears. He makes huge sandwiches as well. The whole family is really happy until day something terrible happens.

I can’t tell you anymore without spoiling the story if you haven’t read it but this is what a very young reader called Joe thinks.

 Letter from Joe, aged 6, from England

In Joe’s words…

‘How funny nanny the lady( what’s her name again) oh yeh that’s right Gwace ha how funny she is-I love her stories can we go to Ballyyahoo after tea. That Grandad was funny wasn’t he and he said a swear word twice-should that be in the book. Sometimes it was sad and sometimes happy. Ma was funny nan you do that don’t you! I think it’s nice they all watch the football together and Ma bakes for them. If the little boy hasn’t if kicked the ball over near the Da he wouldn’t be watching football again.’

(In case you are wondering Joe’s Nana, June, read the story aloud to Joe and since she’s a great Nana she also helped him write his letter down but all the words are his.)


Dear Joe,

Wow thanks, Joe, I am delighted you liked Football Crazy and that it made you laugh. Your Nana is a brilliant Nana for reading you stories. I bet she can put on good voices as well. Sorry you couldn’t come to Ballyyahoo after tea – it might have been a bit too far for your Nana to take you – right across the sea and around lots of islands, rocky bays and then there’s the mountains and hills to cross and if that’s not hard enough, someone stole the sign for Ballyyahoo as well! So now I can’t even find it myself.

Never mind, I am really glad you like the stories from Ballyyahoo. Lucy is kept busy writing them and I am sure there’ll be more stories and pictures from Ballyyahoo quite soon.

Love Grace x

P.S. Hi Joe, here’s some special donkeys from Ballyyahoo –  just for you.

kids stories, three special donkeys from Ballyyahoo

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It’s always great to hear from younger readers, particularly if I have written a story about kids with problems and a young reader takes the time to write and tell me what they would do if the same thing that happened in the story  – happened to them.  The letter below came from a young girl who read, ‘The Tree Hugger.’

In ‘The Tree Hugger,’ a new girl called Shalmalah, arrives in Debbie’s school. Shalmalah is different from the other girls. She doesn’t even try or care about fitting in.  She seems to like being different. She wears the wrong clothes, eats the wrong food and even says the wrong thing in class. In fact everything about her is ‘uncool’ and soon the class bullies begin a nasty campaign against her – pushing her over, calling her dirty and starting rumours that she’s got hair lice.

kids stories, The Tree Hugger by Grace Jolliffe. Shalmalah gets eggs thrown at her.Most people in the class, including Debbie, are afraid of standing up to the bullies in case the bully’s turn on them as well but Debbie begins to feel guilty seeing Shalmalah left out and picked on is horrible to watch.

Even though she feels bad, she still decides not to do anything to help Shalmalah because she is too afraid of being bullied herself.

But she is forced to think again when she goes home and finds that her mother and Shalmalah’s mother have become friends.

Debbie is forced to make a choice – she can either do the right thing, risk being bullied but get rid of the guilty feeling and feel really good, or she can do nothing and end up still feeling guilty, and never being able to stand up for herself.

I won’t spoil the story by saying any more if you haven’t read it, but I will say how great it was to get the following letter from a very young and special reader called Izzy who told me how she would react if the same thing happened in her school.


Hi Grace,

I think Shal was a very different person but if she was in my world i would help her straight away . leonie and susan are very mean and will probably have no friends left. Pauline just told lots of lies she was funny. I like Debbie because she felt guilty at the end and realised you should always be your self and not follow the in crowd. 
I really enjoy your stories and i am looking forward to my nanny reading me the next oneThankyou

love Izzy x


Dear Izzy

Thank you for this lovely letter. I am so glad to hear that your Nanny read you this story and that you enjoyed it.  I was really happy to know that you would have helped Shalmalah. You are right about being yourself and not following the crowd. If everyone did that there sure would be a lot less bullying in the world.

I heard you made your communion and confirmation recently and that you had a lovely day. I wish you all the best and I hope your Nanny keeps reading you my stories and that you enjoy them.

Love Grace x