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Ladybirds - Image of a ladybird on a leaf

I am often asked why ladybirds feature in my stories.  Not just in ‘Free As A Ladybird’ I have also had them fluttering around some of my other stories as well. I even made a Ladybird image in a stained glass workshop I attended recently which you can see below:

ladybirds Image of a ladybird in stained glass
Ladybird in Stained Glass

The simple answer is that I just love ladybirds and I always have. I love their bright beauty and I love they way they can suddenly open their backs and rise up into their air like little red helicopters.

Ladybirds - Image of a ladybird on a leaf

It doesn’t matter what else is happening in the world, or in my life, the first sight of a ladybird in summer always gives me a feeling of joy.

Ladybirds - Image of a ladybird on a leaf

I very much enjoy gardening so I am always happy to see Ladybirds around my plants. Here’s one just arrived to help out in my vegetable garden.

ladybird. Image of ladybird on a stick
Ladybird climbing a stick

You see Ladybirds don’t just look pretty; they do important jobs in the garden. They eat aphids and other tiny creatures that would otherwise be feasting on our plants.

Ladybirds are known as Ladybugs in the US but they have another name – Coccinellidea. They come from the small beetle family and can be red, yellow, or orange, although there can be other colours too. There is more information here on Wikipedia.

Ladybirds - Image of a ladybird on a leaf

Here in Ireland we mostly see the red variety like the ones on this biodiversity website.

I hope you like Ladybirds/Ladybugs as much as I do! If you do you can find out about my story Free As A Ladybird,’ here.

If you like arts and crafts you might enjoy learning how to turn a stone into a Ladybird.

Ladybirds - Image of a ladybird on a leaf