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A football‘Football Mad,’ is one of those stories that parents can identify with. We all want to be good parents but unlike those perfect parents we see in the adverts it’s sometimes hard to find the time to do all the things our children want us to do. Football

Well, the parents in this story aren’t perfect either. In fact, they are very busy and this gives their son, Shane, a problem.

cartoon boy with football
By Brendan Hill

Shane’s problem is that he is absolutely football mad and he desperately wants to get on the school football team. Unfortunately for Shane his coach says his techniques aren’t good enough and he needs to practice. To do this, Shane needs support from his parents but they’re just so very busy…

footballThe other boys in school make fun of Shane and with his Mum busy  practicing her yoga and his Dad busy reading, he enlists some support from his granddad and together they come up with a solution.




I was commissioned to write ‘Football Mad’ for children’s radio here in Ireland. It was then broadcast on RTE Radio One as part of its children’s Fiction Fifteen series.

Football Mad is set in Ireland which is where most of my children’s stories are set and by a funny coincidence is also where I happen to live – right at the end of this lane below.

country-laneOne of the things I most enjoy doing is writing dialogue, especially children’s and I feel strongly that you don’t really know who a character is, even one you’ve invented, until you’ve made them talk. Sometimes it takes time to find a voice for a character but once you do it’s fun and they almost begin to create their own stories.  Once I’ve found a character’s voice it remains with me for a very long time.

The images in Football Mad are the work of Brendan Hill of Evilhairday and you will find more of his wonderful art here. 

Funny short stories for kids Image of a boy and a football

I really enjoyed writing this story and Shane’s voice was great fun to work with. In fact I loved finding all the voices of the characters in Football Mad and it is one of those children’s stories that adults seemed to enjoy as much as kids.

I think it is because parents feel empathy with Shane’s Mum and Dad. They were busy and didn’t want to be roped into playing football with their son. funny short stories for kids. Image of a football They are good parents but there’s no such thing as perfect parents or perfect children.

I adapted this story from my own original radio version, especially for younger Kindle readers and for the parents who read to them. I hope you enjoy it reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.