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Bonkers in Ballyyahoo is the very first book from the series ‘Another Little Book From Ballyyahoo.‘ Gerry Mac and his cousin, Kevin live in the tiny village of Ballyyahoo a magical town near Galway Bay in Ireland. Ballyyahoo is a very special place but Gerry and Kevin don’t realise that because they’re just so busy being bored.

The boys are so bored they get bored being bored. Gerry likes swinging on a gate but Kevin loves a good prank. Once he let an army of spiders loose in the local pub and another time he had great craic putting cockroaches on the bread counter at Kelly’s shop.

Still the people of Ballyyahoo haven’t seen anything yet because Kevin’s got his hands on a computer and now his pranks have got bigger and badder.


People in the tiny Irish town of Ballyyahoo love making up stories. Gerry loves the story of the Witch of Ballyyahoo but he’s not sure if its true or not. Some people think a woman called Biddy might be a witch but nobody knows for sure.

Gerry and his cousin, Kevin, find a magic stone and this tells them there might be something terrible about to happen in Ballyyahoo but how can they stop it?

If anyone needs a witch’s help it’s Gerry. But is there really any truth in the story of The Witch Of Ballyyahoo? 


Despite the titles, you don’t have to be ‘Football Mad’ or ‘Football Crazy’ to read these two stories because I wrote them to be enjoyed by all the family – listeners and readers!

Football Mad is a funny story about a boy called Shane, whose coach doesn’t think he will make the team unless he practices his skills. Shane wants his parents to come outside and play with him so he can improve his football.

But like a lot of parents, Shane’s are very busy and when they do get free time they just want to relax, read, books and do yoga! Shane must find a way to get their help. 


A warm, sensitive story about a family who are Football Crazy until a terrible tragedy strikes and they must face the loss of a beloved grandfather.

Suddenly nobody in the family is interested in football any more. For nine year old Jimmy this is a double blow. He has lost someone he loves, as well as an activity that bonded the family as they shared the fun.

Together the family learn to accept the changes.  Time heals and slowly they begin to have fun as family again. 


The story is told by a young girl whose Granny and mother have a disagreement and fall out. Usually they make up but this time Granny runs away without even leaving a note.  Soon letters begin to arrive.

Granny’s letters tell of fun and adventures as she makes her way along the coast of Ireland and help heal the damage caused by what they later realise was a rather silly argument anyway. 



When new girl, Shalmalah,  arrives in Debbie’s school it doesn’t take long before she’s picked on and bullied for being ‘different.’ Debbie thinks Shalmalah should stop being so ‘different’ and try and fit in more but Shalmalah is bright and strong.  She likes herself the way she is and doesn’t want to change. Debbie is faced with a difficult choice – will she do something to try and stop the bullies or will she become just like them? 


Christmas in Ballyyahoo was going to be the best one ever, that is, until Santa and Rudolph turned up on Christmas Eve. Santa and Rudolph were not all they appeared to be, and they had no intention of wishing anyone a happy Christmas, especially not anyone from Ballyyahoo. The only thing they want to wrap up for Christmas is Kevin and Gerry. There’s only one person can help them and that’s the wonderful Witch of Ballyyahoo.

 There are more bedtime stories coming soon and no, you don’t have to wait for bedtime to read them either.

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