The people who live in Ballyyahoo are not just extraordinary in fact they are as far from ordinary as it is possible to get! Because every single one of them, from the day they were born, has kept a secret.

The secret is the exact location of Ballyyahoo and every Ballyyahooian knows that if they tell the secret to anyone they will be expelled from Ballyyahoo and forced to go and live in Ballyuseless. Believe me nobody wants to go to Ballyuseless.

cows-in-a-fieldThere are not too many people living in Ballyyahoo, which is just as well because if you don’t count the fields, the beaches, the bays, the hills and the woods then Ballyyahoo would be a tiny little town indeed.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that because Ballyyahoo is a tiny town there is nothing going on!  People are always making that mistake about small towns everywhere and as anyone who ever lived in a small town will tell you there’s more goings on in a tiny town that you could ever dream about.


Lucy is a young Ballyyahooian who could tell you all about the goings on in Ballyyahoo.  She writes about nature and wildlife in Ballyyahoo and when she’s not doing that she’s busy hunting for a witch.


You see, Lucy heard a rumour about there being a witch on the loose in Ballyyahoo. The alleged witch is called Biddy and to be honest she doesn’t look like a witch, she doesn’t talk like a witch and she certainly doesn’t dance like a witch – in fact she goes to Zumba dancing every week and loves having a good old row with Maggie-many-cats on her way home.


Maggie-many-cats, if you haven’t already guessed it, is a woman with a house full of cats.two-cats She doesn’t like Biddy and it was she who started the rumours about Biddy being a witch. She only did it to cause trouble for Biddy. She doesn’t really believe that Biddy is a witch. But of course like all bad deeds, this one backfires on Maggie because nobody really hates witches any more, in fact a lot of people think witches are pretty cool!


Gerry and Kevin think witches are pretty cool. They are two cousins and their mums are sisters. Gerry spends a lot of time boring himself bonkers by spending most of his free time swinging on a gate while Kevin drives his mother bonkers by spending his free time thinking up pranks and tricks. Kevin is not very popular in Ballyyahoo but he loves playing tricks too much to mind.

There are lots more Ballyyahooian to get to know and if you come back often you’ll get to find out all about them!

If you would like to find out how Kevin drove everyone bonkers in Ballyyahoo you can read all about it in this very funny story:


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