All About Ballyyahoo


The first thing you need to know about Ballyyahoo is that it’s a tiny little town on the west coast of Ireland. Actually, it’s not even a town, it’s a village, but you wouldn’t say dare say that to a Ballyyahooian.


Lot’s of things happen in Ballyyahoo and if you keep coming back here you’ll get to know all about the village as well as the Ballyyahooians.

The first person you are going to meet is a young girl called Lucy. Lucy loves writing about the goings-on in Ballyyahoo. She wants to be a detective and a writer when she grows up.


She’s starting to learn about being a detective and a writer already because she’s hot on the trail of a witch and she writes it all down. You can read more about her investigations later.

But first, it’s back to Ballyyahoo. Now, if you want to know what Ballyyahoo looks like on a map, just imagine a long finger jutting out from the west coast of Ireland into the ocean. Got that picture in your head? Right, now imagine a tiny village at the tip of the finger – right where the fingernail should be – then you’ve got Ballyyahoo.


Ballyyahoo is almost completely surrounded by water from the Atlantic ocean and it rains a lot. This is great if you like bogs because lots of water means lots of bogs and Ballyyahoo’s got plenty of them. However, there’s one big difference between the bog in Ballyyahoo and the rest of the bogs on the west coast of Ireland and that is that Ballyyahoo bog is the scariest, darkest, mistiest bog of all.

misty bog


Ballyyahoo bog’s also got the scariest Banshee of them all as well. But, nobody talks about her, because if the Banshee heard someone talking about her she would stop her everyday Banshee duties (washing the clothes of lost souls) and come and get that person.

So, since the population of Ballyyahoo is already small enough already you’ll never hear anyone talking about the Banshee – except in the tiniest of whispers.

There used to be fifty-three people living in Ballyyahoo but the Doherty family disappeared. Some people say the Banshee got them but most people just say they moved to Canada because John Doherty lost his job! Either way there’s only fifty people left living in the town of Ballyyahoo right now!

Since there’s only fifty people, there’s only one shop; Kelly’s shop is owned by Seanie Kelly and as well as being a shop it is also a petrol station. Kelly’s shop sells everything you might run out of, which is handy because Ballyyahoo is a very long way away from any supermarkets.

As well as Kellys there’s also one pub, one church, a rusty old post-box, a few farms and loads and loads of cows.

Actually not just cows because besides cows we’ve got sheep, horses, quite a few donkeys, including this slightly mad one called Daffo. You can see a lot more of Daffo later on in the stories.


There is a small woodlands where people go walking and collecting logs for Christmas and as you can imagine there’s lots of fields as well.

The roads and lanes are full of potholes. Old Paddy Plant grew potatoes in the one outside his house one year and last summer Lucy found this little hairy molly hiding in a pothole.


If you haven’t got a job in the petrol station-shop, or the pub and if you’re not a farmer or a part-time priest then you have to drive over the pot-holed roads and into Galway city to go to work.

If you’re a kid you go to Ballyyahoo National School and since there’s no bus you either walk or cycle. Either way, you often get wet – like I said before, it rains a lot in Ballyyahoo.

So, now you know a little bit about this special little place but there’s still lots more to find out! If you would like to start reading about Ballyyahoo now, Lucy has put her very first story right here!


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